Living Lightly Meditation

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The Living Lightly Meditation moves you into the state to be able to take life lightly. You focus on Living a Spiritual Life and creating your body, your today and your future the way you want it to be. You spend time with yourself and tune into your Higher Self. It is HIGHLY recommended that you also get the Hypnosis for Living Lightly download to accompany this meditation. Listening to them together...Truly a Golden Life. Would you like a bit more Light in your life? This download makes it simple and easy. All you have to do - is listen to your download. To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended that you get the Meditation Workbook and the Living Lightly Meditation Journal to go with your download. You can find these at Changes Made Easy .com in the Living Lightly Newsletter Section. (37 min) Due to the nature of the product (download) there are no refunds or exchanges; all sales are final.

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