This hypnosis download for Effortless Weight Loss is just that... it makes the entire process of losing weight ?" effortless - You'll be changing your eating habits, exercises and living a healthy lifestyle before you know it.
You are an all or nothing type of person or have a tendency to over-do-it... This set works wonders on your life! This may be all you need to change those habits or patterns and bring more balance in your life.
Anytime you change a habit, stop or start something, or have something removed from your life, you have to replace that 'space' with something else. This set is wonderful for keeping you on track, helping you figure out what you need and gives you the
Everyday is a new day and this session keeps you on track and gives the encouragement that you need. It's great for when you're trying to create new habits (or change old ones!) or if you have a tendency of being hard on yourself.
Eliminate your Hypnosis Resistance Now! This Hypnosis download is to help you listen to your hypnosis downloads CDs and meditations regularly. I Love Hypnosis Downloads! makes ALL of your meditations and hypnosis sessions work better and faster.
This session takes you into your mind to change and erase all of the habits and patterns you do not want. I sets you up to be a non-smoker, to 'see' yourself that way and create the changes in your life so you don't want to smoke-or even think about it.
This session programs you to stop smoking and focus on living a healthier lifestyle. Quit Smoking Positive Programming is for you to listen to everyday. It goes with the session Quit Smoking: Eliminating Habits and Cravings
You can use these as a screensaver, on or in your social media postings, as a slide show or print them and put them everywhere! You can use them all or just the ones you need at the time. Enjoy!
This download helps you gear your mind (and your wallet!) to quit smoking. This works for any type of program you're planning on using~and if money is a motivator for you, you may find this is the only download you need. :) Happy listening!
This special comes with 3 personal sessions and the Quit Smoking Easily Digital Set. Call to make your appointment today!
$899.00 $1143.90
This set comes with 3 hypnosis downloads, workbook and an affirmation image eBook. It's everything that you need to make quitting smoking easy and permanent.
There's nothing worse than feeling like you can't do something or that you'll never be able to or, simply, that it's not worth it or that you're just too late. Making good choices today bring a good tomorrow and eventually lead you to the future that you
If you're what a hypnotist calls a one hit wonder, then this package is for you! If all you need is a small boost to get you going or something that will help you stay stopped then one session may be all that you need.
This set comes with 3 hypnosis downloads, a quit smoking workbook and one 1/2 hour of a personalized phone session. It's everything that you need to make quitting smoking easy and permanent with all of the attention that you need.
$400.00 $842.00
If you've caught yourself wishing that you could stop thinking about something, this may be exactly what you need. This session helps you calm yourself down, get answers and trains you to stop obsessing. You can do this.
This 149 page set is a great way to get yourself into the habit of using your affirmations and journaling. These are the same as the other Helping the Healing of Addiction(s) Sets. Each are a little different. The affirmations are the same. Enjoy!
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