If you have found that there are things in your life that you haven't been able to get passed or that have changed you in a way that you don't like, this guided meditation may be just what you need to bounce back from that situation.
This is a fabulous session to increase the amount of water that you drink. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and make drinking water an automatic choice all the time. It's really amazing. If you wanted to drink more water without effort... This is for you!
Make this Christmas your very best Christmas and enjoy it more than ever before! This is a fabulous session to get into the 'Christmas Mood' and focus on everything that you like about it. Happy Christmas!
$0.00 $20.95
You'll use the soothing sound of the water around you to wash away everything so that you are able to get the guidance and answers that you need.
This is just fabulous for getting you into the 'flow of [your] life'. You'll increase your trust, accept help and feel better about everything. When you're in the flow of life...everything seems to 'just' flow smoothly. Life becomes easier and more enjoy
Sleep Hypnosis with Light Running Water in the Background that Washes Everything Away. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and use counting to train yourself into sleeping anytime that you want. Happy Sleeping!
The soothing sounds will wash everything away as you ease your self into a deep and restful sleep. Yes, this is sleep hypnosis...For A Nap! If you need a nap and have trouble falling asleep during the day, this download is for you!
If you've got a lot of dreams in your mind that you need to make sense of sort out, this download will do wonders! You'll be able to interpret each of them and even get an understanding of the messages and order. Happy Deciphering!
No more Ouch! Sooth your sunburn away by relaxing your mind and body and moving into those deep healing states of sleep during this session. You'll take care of your body and automatically acting on what it needs. Happy Soothing!
This set comes with two audio downloads. You'll get a brief explanation of hypnosis and the soothing sounds line and a sample [mini] guided meditation to try.
Sleep Hypnosis with Steady Running Water in the Background. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and use counting to train yourself into sleeping anytime that you want. Happy Sleeping!
Listening to the sounds around you, you'll wash the world away and move into a very comfortable state. You'll wake up feeling energized, refreshed and focused. This is a great get away. It's short (15 minutes) so that you can use it whenever you need it!
Happy Thanksgiving! This download is great for anyone who wants to have a great Thanksgiving. If you've had challenges with this holiday in the past, this may just be the thing you need to get you back into having a great time. Enjoy!
$0.00 $20.95
You'll move down into your mind and release the day, let go of everything and 'feel' the stress and tension draining from your body. Focusing on the sounds of the running water, you'll cleanse your mind and body and sooth any and all parts of you.
This is great for everyone that needs to be rid of the day, stop continuous thoughts and wants the world to disappear. You'll ease yourself into sleep thinking of everything being washed away with the soothing sounds of running water.
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