This is a great set if you'd like to change your TV habit into a reading habit :) You'll make the choice automatically, be able to read with anything going on in the background and enjoy reading more than you ever enjoyed TV. Happy Reading!
$3.95 $20.95
Sometimes we just need a break and other times we need to focus. This download is for those times that you cannot 'just check out'. You'll be training yourself to [be able to] lift that mental fog anytime, any place. You'll get the messages of why you ...
Get Inspired! This is a fabulous session to tune you into you~to let your natural energy flow. This works for anything that you want to be inspired about~in any aspect of your life. Enjoy!
There's nothing worse than feeling like you can't do something or that you'll never be able to or, simply, that it's not worth it or that you're just too late. Making good choices today bring a good tomorrow and eventually lead you to the future that you
Sleep Hypnosis with Strong Wind blowing in the Background. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and train yourself into sleeping anytime that you want. Happy Sleeping!
This is a fabulous session if you need a new perspective on anything that's going on in your life. You'll move into that place where you are able to hear yourself clearly and get the guidance and ideas that you need.
This is a wonderful session to go inside and reinforce how valuable it is to trust yourself. You'll have time t get answers and work stuff out in your mind. Trusting yourself improves every aspect of your life. Let your confidence and strength shine!
$3.95 $20.95
Can you imagine a more wonderful way to fall asleep than reinforcing that you are able to trust and count on yourself? This session puts you to sleep while you reinforce that you're able to trust yourself, increase your confidence, motivation, and strengt
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