Your Meditation & Hypnosis Workbook

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This 77 page workbook goes with the hypnosis and meditation downloads [on this site] and was created to help you achieve all of your goals. (It's a combination of the Your Hypnosis Workbook and Your Meditation Workbook. It is recommended that you purchase the hypnosis and meditation inserts to go with this workbook.)
The Meditation and Hypnosis Series is dedicated to everyone who wants to Lighten-Up and make a difference in the world and connect with their Higher Selves and live a more abundant and spiritual life.
Workbook to be used in conjunction with any download containing the title: Hypnosis and/or Meditation, produced by Changes Made Easy .com, copyright © 2011 by Spiritual Answers and Solutions .com and written and recorded by Jennifer McVey. Due to the nature of the product (download) there are no refunds or exchanges; all sales are final.


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