Handling Your Digital Life Set

Download, Streaming, Dropbox®

This is a fabulous set to help you make doing anything (and everything!) digital automatic! You'll stop procrastinating, be more efficient and productive and, even, look forward to getting online!

You can use this download for any aspect of your life that involves any digital work or devices. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes!

This set comes with two downloads:
Handling Digital Life Now: This is a short download that gets your mind right and motivated you to get up and get going! It's only ten minutes so that you can do it anytime you need a digital motivation pick-me-up. Listen to this two to three times in a row the very first time and then anytime you need it.
Handling Digital Life Sleep: This is a sleep hypnosis download~ it puts you to sleep at night and programs you to get all of your digital work done. Only listen to this when you're going to sleep at night.


Check the sounds; this download is part of the Soothing Sounds Line. Click the sample button to be sure that you like the sounds in the background.

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