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Sometimes we have great ideas about what we want to do or things that we wish we had more time for and just can't get to it. But~ we want to or wish we could~ if one of yours is listening to audios... this set will work wonders for you!
When: This is a short guided meditation for you to find out/figure out the best times (and places) for you to listen to the audios. You'll get the answers from your inner mind so that you create a good habit that fits into your everyday life. Yay! for efficiency ;)
To Go To Sleep: This puts you to sleep. Only listen to this when you want to go to sleep and stay asleep. You'll be programming yourself to want to listen to all of those audios and follow through with your choices. You'll drift off to sleep thinking about what you want to hear and how they will all improve and benefit your life. you'll be amazed to see how listening to them 'starts happening' in your life~ easily, effortlessly, and automatically. Happy Sleeping!

If you have problems with it or feel like you are blocking or sabatoging yourself, try the Listening to Audiobooks Reprogramming download. It may be just what you need to get yourself on track. Have fun! 

Be sure to check the sounds; this download is part of the Soothing Sounds Line. Click the sample button to be sure that you like the sounds in the background. 

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