Bringing your Baby Home

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This download helps you connect with your missing pet. You'll communicate with them mind to mind, help them get home and get your questions answered. <3 Sending you Light in this trying time. Appx 20 min.

There's nothing worse than having your baby missing. Please accept this download to help you create a space of resolution and healing. Use it as often as you like, as many times as you like.
There's just no way I could charge much for this download. My sincerest blessings to all of you during these challenging times. This works. Listen to it. If, you cannot calm yourself or need a bit more insight, there's a coupon/discount .jpeg attached (when you check out) for some extra help.

Use this download first.

Sending you lots and lots of Light.

If this is something that you enjoy (the communication part, obviously), please visit our eCourses and Training  for all of the Pet Communication Courses and downloads. And/or  please visit our Classes, Seminars and Lectures for all of the Mind to Mind Communication Classes.

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