Let's Get Reading!

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Yay! It's time to get reading! Use this anytime that you need to be in the mood to read. It clears your mind, relaxes your body and oomphs up that motivation to read anything and everything that you want and/or need to.

This is great hypnosis programming. You'll train yourself to use the phrase "Let's Get Reading!" to instantly motivate yourself. As soon as you use it, your mind will clear, your body will relax and you'll feel secure knowing you're going to get all the reading that you need to done. Plus, you'll be comfortable the entire time and finish feeling a sense of satisfaction and pride. It's awesome.

Listen to this two times [n a row] the first time and practice with it until you feel that hypnosis click. Have fun!

Check the sounds; this download is part of the Soothing Sounds Line. Click the sample button to be sure that you like the sounds in the background.

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