Release Those Thoughts Set

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This is a great set if you get fixated on a thought or two. If you have trouble relaxing and stopping your mind from spinning, this may work like magick for you! You'll erase and replace those unwanted toughts and teach yourself how to let go of them. You may use this for any aspect of your life, any type of thoughts.

The steady sounds in the background are a great help to make you focus and relax. Be sure you like the sounds! You'll be counting and focusing on them :)

This set comes with two downloads: a programming hypnosis session 19 min and a short one that you can use anytime that you need a quick break! 10 minutes

If you like these sounds and want to be a bit more active in your taking action with your thought changes, you may want to try the class Releasing Those Thought Jar Manifesting. Have Fun!  

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