Lighten Up Set

$15.95 $9.95
Download, Streaming, Dropbox®

This is a great set for anyone that seems to take life too seriously. It'll help you feel in control, calm and relaxed, and secure in your life. Plus, you'll smile and laugh more!

This set comes with two downloads. There's a short one that you are able to use anytime, any place that you need to center and focus yourself~to remind yourself there is no emergency. And the other programs you to take life lighter. You'll take out those old habits of feeling like everything is a crisis, that everyone;s emergency is not your emergency and increase the feelings of stability and time. You have time to think~to decide what you want to do and how you feel. The bonus? You'll stop taking things personally and feeling rushed.
Why is it on sale? Because this is a fabulous set that makes every single day better. Plus, everyone would be happier (and nicer!) if they lightened up. Enjoy! 

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