If you've found that you're always stopping to get coffee and you want to quit doing that, this session will do wonders for you! But, only get this if you really want to change that habit!
Affirmations for Eliminating Sleep Anxiety Video: This is a great way to pick your affirmation for the night. Happy Sleeping!
If you want to be happy every day, this set is for you! It has everything you need to make each and every day a happy day. You have so many options with this set... It's nearly impossible not to have a happy day~every day!
Life is magical and amazing. The key is to remember it and to expect the unexpected miracle in everything that you do. Happy Magic Making
$13.95 $20.95
This is a great set for you to go inside of your mind and get your answers from your dreams. It comes with two audios. One programs you to be able to interpret your dreams and the other leads you into your mind to decipher one dream at a time. Enjoy!
It's okay to focus on one thing at a time. If you have trouble focusing on one thing at a time or feel pressured to multitask, this session will help you tremendously. You'll relax and focus only on what you need to.
$3.95 $20.95
Start paying attention to all of the magical things in your life. This download helps you tune-into the magical things that are happening in your life. There's magick everywhere. This session helps you find it, see it and increase it. Enjoy!
$3.95 $20.95
Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves say it's time to sleep; to reinforce that everything is okay and give ourselves permission to let go. You'll be amazed how quickly and easily this puts you to sleep.
Awww... the love of reading. This session relaxes your mind and body and tunes you into that part of you that loves to read. You'll find the time to read and enjoy it more than ever before. If you love it and never seem to have the time, this download...
Why is this download set on sale? Because it's a wonderful feeling to let go anything that's stressing you out and the best way to have a great day to get rid of that stress!
$15.95 $20.95
This is a great set if you get fixated on a thought or two. If you have trouble relaxing and stopping your mind from spinning, this may work like magick for you!
Sleep Hypnosis with steady sounds in the background~ a heartbeat. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and use them to release any thoughts that you have trouble letting go of. Happy Sleeping!
This session helps you relax and enjoy life more, a lot more. You'll focus on being present, not taking things personally and being naturally confident. You'll also get messages about everything that 'make' you defensive and you have space to change it.
This is great for anyone who wants to be open to nice people, good things happening to them and/or wants to be a nicer, kinder more patient person. Plus, you'll have plenty of time to visualize your ideal life. Happy Sleeping!
Sleep Hypnosis with Crashing Waves in the Background for Restless People. It's great for anyone who sleeps during the day and/or needs to adjust their sleeping patterns. Happy Sleeping anytime that your bedtime is!
This is a great session if you'd like to remember your dreams as the day goes on. It's a wonderful way to be able to think about your dreams, get a greater understanding of them and have that lovely, in-touch with your dreams feeling all day!
Smile! You'll relax into a wonderfully comfortable state to program yourself to smile more often, feel great about your smile, and make smiling all the time comfortable and easy! This download set is on sale because smiling makes everyone feel better!
$13.95 $20.95
If you've got a lot of dreams in your mind that you need to make sense of sort out, this download will do wonders! You'll be able to interpret each of them and even get an understanding of the messages and order. Happy Deciphering!
No more Ouch! Sooth your sunburn away by relaxing your mind and body and moving into those deep healing states of sleep during this session. You'll take care of your body and automatically acting on what it needs. Happy Soothing!
Please download the short introduction to our complimentary Soothing Sounds Line. Happy Listening!
Please enjoy this How To Audio. It's How to use the Affirmations and Soothing Sounds Line to Relax your Mind and your Body. Comes with instructions and mini meditation 19 min and an affirmation image. Enjoy!
This set comes with two audio downloads. You'll get a brief explanation of hypnosis and the soothing sounds line and a sample [mini] guided meditation to try.
Sleep Hypnosis with Steady Running Water in the Background. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and use counting to train yourself into sleeping anytime that you want. Happy Sleeping!
Sleep Hypnosis with Steady Spring Rain falling in the Background. This download puts you to sleep. You'll focus on the sounds in the background and use counting to train yourself into sleeping anytime that you want. Happy Sleeping!
If you keep yourself up at night arguing with yourself (about anything) this is a great session for you. You'll stop the chatter and move into those deep, restful sleep. Happy Sleeping!

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